Mapua Public Hall Development


When The Hall opened in 1945, 800 people turned up to celebrate this important new facility for the Mapua community and the music and dancing continued long into the night!

 The hall has served the community in many ways and is still used by as many as 30 local associations, clubs and other regular users from our rapidly growing village. The hall is also used for a number of large annual events. The Hall Committee is very aware of their role in facilitating various community activities and is working actively on upgrading plans and fund raising. We greatly appreciate the practical and financial support that many of you have provided, and greatly value the active collaboration with users in order to make the renovated hall the best possible facility.

In March 2011 we held a community meeting to launch the draft plans for the new hall layout. Based on feedback from consultations before this meeting, we had decided to keep the main hall building, as it has important historical value for many residents in Mapua. The upgrading plan includes an enlargement of the current main hall while keeping the street face (and the beautiful timber floor) of the hall very close to what it was when it opened in 1945.

The plan adds a new commercial standard kitchen, new toilet facilities, changing rooms for sports in the domain and for theatre productions, as well as other additions that will all be built along the outside walls on three sides of the current hall. Valuable input from community members and a hall design sub-committee have created the plan that both meet most requirements within a reasonable budget. Currently we are finalizing the paperwork for Resource and Building consents. Application has been made to the Canterbury Community Trust for a contribution to the $200,000 that the community needs to raise in order to get the Tasman District Council support that has been allocated for the next budget year. Local fund raising has started with more than $40,000 already in the Hall Upgrade Fund and the Hall Committee is grateful for all contributions from individuals, clubs and community associations. The Coastal Garden Group created a great event in September which provided major funds for the upgrade.

In early 2012 we have plans for several events in collaboration with community groups that will be listed on the website. We are also working on promotional materials that can help in the fund raising efforts. On behalf of the various users of the hall, we express our appreciation to all those who are helping us achieve the upgrade of this important community facility. If you are not a member of the Hall Society and would like to become more involved in our work, you are welcome to join. Just send an email to:

07 January 2012